Silent 2Nd Mortgage

– The silent second mortgage is a loan taken by the borrower to provide a down payment of 20%. The primary lender funding 80% of the house value rests assured that in case of depreciation there will be equity of 20%, when in fact the borrower may have contributed only 5% and taken a silent second mortgage loan of 15% to make the down payment.

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For example, the buyer and seller agree on a price of $200,000, the buyer has a commitment for a first mortgage loan of $180,000, but doesn’t have the $20,000 required for the down payment. To make the deal work, the seller agrees to accept a silent second mortgage for $15,000.

HUD does not have a particular policy regarding down payment programs in terms of applying for approval with the program. However, HUD does indeed maintain a list of HUD Approved down payment assistance programs.. When it comes to down payment programs, the primary focus for HUD is ensuring that no secondary financing (2nd mortgage, excluding hud approved secondary financing) is closed.

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These names include a down payment assistance second mortgage, a silent second mortgage or a soft second mortgage. Fannie Mae refers to second mortgages that are used in connection with a first mortgage that is delivered to them as Community Seconds. Second mortgages that are tied to loans delivered to Freddie Mac are referred to as Affordable.

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