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President Trump has visited a Trump property on 34 out of his 45 weekends in office – or the Trump International hotel just a few blocks away. How much do all of these trips cost? Exact dollar amounts are difficult to calculate. However, we do know that Trump’s frequent travel and.

What Are Your True Variable Costs Per Occupied Room? – For limited-service hotels, amenities may cost less than $1 per guestroom; for luxury hotels, the amenity replacement costs may total $20 or more. Don’t forget to calculate the average cost of cleaning supplies and chemicals per room cleaned, including disinfectant, glass cleaner, toilet cleaner, and furniture polish.

How To Calculate Hotel Housekeeping Times – LODGING – Time is money. For the lodging industry, this is especially applicable when it comes to cleaning costs. Many facility managers assume they can multiply the number of guestrooms by some theoretical productivity rate to determine the time and resources needed to clean their hotels, but the results are generally inaccurate.

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HVS | 2017 Hotel Cost Estimating Guide – HVS Design and Jonathan Nehmer + Associates (JN+A) are proud to announce the completion of the 2017 Hotel Cost Estimating Guide. The Guide is a comprehensive listing of capital expenditure construction and FF&E costs for hotel renovations in the USA.

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Cost Calculator – – Direct costs: Labor, supplies and utilities (gas, electricity, water and sewer). indirect costs: maintenance and administrative costs. Depreciation: The loss in value of your equipment and building. Gather your numbers and fill in the calculator to the right to find our your cost of doing hotel laundry on premises.

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The overall economy is a big factor in setting prices, with hotels and motels seeking to adjust room rates to match current demand.